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Both murals and custom painting prices are based on the same criteria. 
Below are a few major factors in pricing a custom mural or an original oil painting.


How detailed will the mural or painting be? If there are a lot of faces or intricate designs, this requires much more time and will be priced accordingly.


Where will the mural be painted? If the job site is located outside of Deschutes county, then additional travel fees will be calculated.


How large is the wall or canvas? This is the clearest factor when calculating cost. A larger wall or canvas just takes more time to paint.

Time Frame

I book projects on a first come first serve basis.  If you have a painting or mural that needs to be expedited this will be factored as well.  


How easy is it to access the wall? Is it 50 feet tall? Is there a planter or uneven ground in front of the wall? Will we need to rent a scissor lift or boom? These are all factors that slow down the process and will lead to a more expensive project.

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