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Consultation, Pricing,and 


During the consultation we will discuss what the vision is for the mural as well as the budget for the project.  For local murals we will meet on site to decide on the layout and size of the mural.  For non local clients we can discuss the mural details over the phone along with emailed photos of the place where the mural will be painted.   Travel costs will be discussed and added to the final mural price.  The number of subjects (person, animal, car, etc.), the level of detail, and the size of the mural or square footage covered will determine the cost. 

Prices range from $5.00 to $25.00 a sq. foot. 


murals 1_edited.jpg

Discussing  Design and Budget

 Once the square footage for the mural is determined, I can get you a price estimate based on the level of rendering or detail you would like in the mural.  The same image can be painted in three different levels.  Graphic black and white, graphic limited color, and fully rendered.  This gives you options to fit your budget.   The layout of the mural will be designed based on the objective and budget for the project.  That could mean covering more of the wall surface with a graphic style or you might want to paint a smaller area with more detail and bring it to a realistic finish. 

murals levels.jpg

Design Fee

 and Contract

Once we have finalized the concept and size a $200 design fee is due.  The design fee covers the time required to create the mock up.  If you choose to move forward with the mural the design fee is applied to the 50% deposit required to start the project.  If not the design fee is non refundable.   The contract solidifies the details of the commissioned work.

credit cards.jpg

Digital Mock Up

After I receive the deposit I will begin the digital design and mock up process.  Some photos are ready to paint while other concepts may need some editing to create the desired end result.  This is where I will take all of the information you gave me in the discussion step, along with the photos, and create a mock up to give a better visual of the murals design and composition.  At this point you can give feedback so the mock up can be modified to fit your vision perfectly.


Painting Process

After the mock up is approved I will begin the painting process.  Floors and furniture will be protected beforehand.  If necessary scaffolding will be set up.  I use low odor, high quality latex paints with a satin sheen.  The paint used for exterior murals will have U.V. and weather protection.


        Finished Mural

     and Final Payment 

Once the mural is complete and approved the final 50% is due.  I will take photos of the mural and if you choose the mural can be signed.

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